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Yeditepe Gayrimenkul Yatırım O.C.

Details of the project.

Located in Ataşehir- Istanbul Finance Center; the CMB HQ project’s aim, as announced by Ministry of Environment and Urbanism is: creating the biggest international finance center of the world that lives 24 hours. The project has approximately 200.000 sqm total construction area- 6.040 sqm of commercial area, 95.000 sqm of office area.

Inspired from traditional early Ottoman mosque architecture typology, the concept of the Project was developed on two levels: Podium – chaotic and lively – as a continuation of the street, Towers – pure and monumental – breaking into human scale volumes creating architectural rhythm in the air like domes of traditional ottoman architecture.

The privacy level of the project moves within a vertical trajectory in 3 parts: Podium which is open to public, big urban garden on 8th floor for common use as semi-private space and private Office towers with their own green terraces on different levels. Visual representation of the building is directly formulated by vertical distribution of public and private spaces.

The project has approximately 200.000 sqm total construction area- 6.040 sqm of commercial area, 95.000 sqm of office area.

The multiple green terraces on twelve different levels of the Project are aimed to recreate particular eco-system and attract the bird species that have abandoned İstanbul long time ago. The huge semi-public urban garden on the top of the podium should serve as an important green injection in the area, as well as vertical border between nature and chaos which is one of the important characteristics of İstanbul city pattern.

CMB HQ Project aims to achieve LEED Gold Certificate.All material selection process will be based on the LEED GOLD requirements.

As for the façade design, increased level of glazing allows for passive solar gain for interior, while screens in front of the glazing, placed based on sun orientation, generate energy for buildings’ necessities and reduces energy consumption from local suppliers.

As the design of CMB HQ Project supposed to create space for life, idea of biological diversity takes a big role in the design. As the building creates inviting open space for all inhabitants in area and the bird species to come back, it becomes an organic part of the site.

Green Lanes on terraces helps defining Urban Garden, therefore space increases Biological Diversity in the surrounding environment.

In order to imply idea of “local energy consumption”, Geo Thermal Energy Technologies will take a part for the buildings’ energy needs therefore the building itself will be self sufficient and sustainable in the area and will be an organic part of either the area and the city.

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