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Who Are We?

Welcome to Dome+ Partners – a distinguished architectural firm based in Istanbul, Turkey, and offices in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. With a legacy spanning over two decades, we have been shaping inspiring spaces and innovative designs that leave a lasting impact on the urban landscape.

Established in 1997 by visionary architect Murat Yılmaz, our firm has thrived on pushing the boundaries of architectural creativity. From residential masterpieces to cutting-edge commercial complexes, cultural landmarks, and urban developments, our diverse portfolio showcases our versatility and dedication to transforming visions into reality.

At Dome+ Partners, we believe in the power of design to harmonize functionality and aesthetics. Our creations blend contemporary flair with practicality, reflecting our unwavering commitment to deliver spaces that are not just visually captivating but also cater to the unique needs of our clients and communities.

As a responsible architectural firm, sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy. We deeply value the environment and integrate eco-conscious practices throughout our designs. Our goal is to create buildings and spaces that coexist harmoniously with nature while minimizing our ecological footprint.

Dome+Partners is the first architectural firm in Türkiye to adopt bim software, making it a pioneering company in this regard. As a result, we can successfully design comprehensive, large-scale, and complex projects regardless of location.

Our tireless pursuit of excellence has earned us national and international acclaim, but our greatest reward lies in the satisfaction of our clients. With each project, we embark on a collaborative journey, understanding aspirations, and exceeding expectations.

Join us as we continue to shape the architectural landscape of the world with innovation, passion, and a shared vision for a sustainable and inspiring built environment. At Dome+ Partners, we dare to dream, design, and make a difference.

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