Flame Towers / Azerbaijan

Mixed-use, Tourism
Dia Holding
Flame Towers

Details of the project.

Baku Flame Towers is the tallest high-rise building in Baku, Azerbaijan. Located on a hill looking over Baku Bay, this trio is adding a significant mark to the city’s silhouette. Each building is in the form of a flame and completely covered with LED screens that can display the movement of a fire and visible to the farthest points in the city. This visual illumination emphasizes the inspiration of Baku Flame Towers.

The Flame Towers consist of three buildings; The 39-story residential tower sits to the South, with a height of 190 meters and accommodating 130 high-end apartments. The hotel tower has 36 stories with 318 rooms, located on the northern corner with 164 meter height. The office tower is located on the west side of the complex with more than 33,000 sqm of commercial office space in a 160 meters tall building. The towers facing each other create an enormous void and a square in the middle. Total cost of the building is estimated 350 million US dollars.

Baku Flame Towers play a vital role in the transformation of Azerbaijan. It is shown in many advertisements as a new face of the city. The facades can turn into interactive media screens by the 10,000 high-power LED luminaries. This feature becomes a visual enjoyment to watch in the city’s silhouette during a stroll on Baku Bay.

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